Meg Lewis

I really like Meg Lewis and can relate to her outlook on life and design. 

Bright Ideas

Jean Jullien's wooden painted lamp capturing the joyful feeling of that eureka moment when you think up a 'Bright Idea'.

Origin Coffee

Origin roasters 2010 - 2012 coffee packaging showcasing illustrations alongside seasonal beans. 

Hot Chip Album Cover - Why Make Sense

I have always been impressed with Hot Chips album covers. I particularly love the artwork for the new alum Why Make Sense. Design by Nick Relph and Matthew Cooper, the album cover comes in 501 subtle varied colours and artwork. 


Big fan of Grouper. 


Copy Paste Character is a great site for designers looking to add symbols to websites, emails, tweet's or whatever else might need an attractive looking symbol. No need to remember code, just find a ▲ or maybe a ✎ , click to automatically copy then it's ready to paste.


Looking for a custom track bike frame? Check out these hand built frames by D'menor Bikes. For more info get down to Cycle PS Camberwell to discuss your build. 

The Gentleman Barista's - Barrel Aged Coffee

Carefully selected single origin coffee beans are rested in Bulleit Bourbon casks for 14 days to allow the spicy flavour notes of the Kentucky whiskey to blend with the beans' natural character. The beans then undergo a bespoke roast, under the watchful eye of the Roastery Department in East London.

Braasi Roll Top Bag

Here is a beautifully designed roll top bag designed by industrial designer Šimon Brabec. Ideal for any trendy cycle enthusiast.